Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost... In Painting!

Hello Everyone!!!! It has been a while since my last post but I wanted to wait until I had some artwork to show! I have been obsessed with Lost lately and so I was not sure how I was going to satisfy my Lost obsession and my painting obsession and then a solution hit me. I pulled out of the card table and I paint while watching Lost!!!! Rather good Solution I thought. I have to finally add that I am very excited about the Art Swap that Cathy organized! I have not started on my "In the Woods" painting yet but I am very excited about it. All my paintings could satisfy that title I suppose. I am looking forward to a fun weekend. I am going to the city to see Tokyo Police Club live!! They are an Indie band my brother loves and I have come to love them too. My cousin is coming to visit tomorrow to visit the nearby college! Shaping up to be a good one. I will be sure to post about it! Have a good weekend all!!!!

There is more to this painting but it was a crooked picture so i had to crop it... oh well... you can see which i consider the important part!
I do not have much to say about this one... yeah no words...
Canvas Frames... I have not included a picture yet but I do plan to! My first ever living tree!!!!
The Puzzel... I got this wild idea about a month ago to do a puzzle! I am not sure where that came form because about ten minutes into it I got bored so i did about 20 pieces. Mom and Dad have been doing an excellent job though! Everyone that comes to the house helps out with it and we are getting closer!!! I am rather excited to get it over with so it doesnt have to be a permanent decoration in our living room... oh well. It is of wonderful San Fransisco though!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!

Happy Saint Patricks Day! By the time everyone reads this it will not be Saint Patricks Day anymore but I hope you had a happy one anyway! My family is not the drinking kind and I am underage and since my moms best friend is a cop I try to live that law (try being the key word... ha jk) We did however get yummy Root Beer and Vanilla Creme's and they were utterly delicious and I got carded because the cashier thought it was beer... so we will pretend. We had another family over for dinner and we had an entire green meal and then we played Scene It! It was tuns of fun. We dont normally celebrate every holiday that comes around but one year my parents didnt celebrate any holidays so i kindly reminded them they still had a kid at home and couldnt stop having fun... so now we celebrate them all. Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a fun day and heck... this week is a 4 day week... 3 more days to go!!!!

Yeah.... I was thirsty!

I know it doesnt look apetizing but it was!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I Still Love You New York....

Crafts... Crafts... Crafts! This is a new painting it is called I Still Love You New York named after the Ryan Adams song! I am again excited that I painted something that is not a tree and it is very abstract. I am still learning but I feel like I am getting better with every painting so for that I am very excited!
My new canvas purchases. Mom and I stopped at Michaels yesterday and I had a little too much fun, i always do! There and the book store is a very dangerous place for me to be!
My box of tricks!
I got a wild idea to make my own graduation announcements and here is the paper! I am very excited I decided with all my creative juices i could not settle for normal boreing announcements i had to create something. Now I am wondering what i got myself into, oh well it will be fun!!!

Spring.... ???

This week was my Spring Break! It really wasnt a break at all. I didnt once go to bed until after 12:00 in the morning and I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Mom and I did get to go shopping yesterday and I spent WAY too much money. My mother is a terrible shopping buddy to have she kept telling me "Oh buy it Tessa you are working alot and hard so just buy it" oh well I had fun and I found some great stuff! Here is a picture tour of my purchases! My new jacket!!!!! You cant see it really well but i adore it and what can i say it is adorable!
My new skirt... rather self explanitory

These are some of the most adorable shoes on earth in my opinion and they were on sale so what more can you ask for exactly?

I did not just take this for you to bask in my beauty... I really wanted you to see my pretty headband even though you cant see it very well anyway... oh well it was the thought!
A really cute dress i fell in love with what can i say i love dresses... and yellow!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Among the Clouds, Where Dreams Live!

This painting was inspired when Rachel a friend of my family's requested a painting from me. She mentioned that her sons room was decorated in vintage airplanes. I am not sure why that information inspired me but it did and this is what came out. It is named Among the Clouds, Where Dreams Live! I am very excited because I have now succesfully painted a painting with no tree's and that is a great accomplishment for me!
Thank you Rachel! I think you may have just sparked a new obsession with airplanes for me!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Childhood Relapses

I have to first begin by telling you a little background information. I am the fourth child in my family and am seven years younger than my closest sister. My brother is ten years older than me and my oldest sister is 12 years older. Let us just say that I was raised by adults. I did normal childhood things like playing outside and watching movies but I did it with a big vocabulary and maturity way beyond my age. I have often been much more comfortable around my friends parents than my friends themselves. I have often been very frustrated with the trivial things of my age that I always consider beyond me. However, with all that being said there are times in my life when I have what I call "Childhood Relapses." They arent big major events in my life infact they are often rather enjoyable. They are simply times when I revert back to behavior that is below my level of age and maturity. For example, at age 13 I all of a sudden inexpicably began to procure an obsession with Veggie Tales. For my birthday that year I asked for a giant Bob the Tomato plush pillow and as many veggie tale DVD's that I could get my hands on. The year when most girls are getting makeup and stuff for their hair all I wanted was Veggie Tales. You may ask yourself why did I all of a sudden became obsessed with this very childish television show. I wish I could tell you an answer all I do know is that it was one of my childhood relapses. I am now much older than 13 and still when I went to the store this week to pick out some material for a blanket I am making. I was drawn to what my mother calls "the ugliest fabric in the store" it was blue material with Mater (like TA-Mater without the TA) from the movie Cars. I don't know why I insisted on buying the material with an animated tow truck but I did. I now have a cars blanket and I love it and the only explanation I can muster is that I once again am having a childhood relapse.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday... what is there to say about wednesday? It is the busiest day at school, busiest day at work, and oddly every crisis in my life seems to happen on a wednesday. There was no crisis today though... i was just busy and i am really ready for a good night sleep! Here are some projects... This is my newest creation it is made out of ribbon and mod podged onto the canvas. It didnt turn out as well as i hoped it would, but it is cute and I will hang it in my room. I am always up for trying new ideas and this is just one of them.

This is a new painting for the day... it is a darker one! I just noticed that it is alot like the other project I did, what can i say i love trees!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Know So Little

Last night I had a talk with my buddy and he kept telling me "Tessa, you know so little" this is very true. I do know very little. He was telling me this just to get on my nerves but none the less it is the title of todays post.

I have a painting to share... It is called Austin Part 4. It is inspired by my brothers trilogy of songs called Austin parts 1 2 3 or 4. Neither one of us has been to Austin but for some reason the city inspired him and his music inspired me. It is going to be the album cover of his album he will soon record. I dont know what my favorite painting is but this is definately up there.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Obsession

My Latest tree painting!

This is my first tree painting so judge it kindly!

I have a love of trees that runs so deep that I think I am very nearly addicted to them! It began when I went on a trip to Scotland with my family. It was November and the trees were all bare with no leaves and I was simply stunned by the character and beauty that resides in these seemingly mundane and useless fixtures of nature. They shed all their leaves in order for them to grow and then eventually become beautiful and covered in leaves again. I think this is why I love them. They are beautiful because they are not perfect, they go through changes. I have now started to direct my creative juices into painting... so as I described above it is no surprise that I when I paint I tend to paint trees because I love them! I call them my whimsical trees. I hope you enjoy them. I hope that one day I can make like a tree and leaf! but that will only be when I can gain enough character and knowledge to be ready for it!

The Perfect Combination

What makes the perfect pair? What makes tomato soup so good with grilled cheese? Why are strawberries so good with chocolate? Why do we always eat popcorn during movies? There are those perfect combinations in our lives that we discover that may appear to have no reason but they still just fit. I have discovered a perfect combination in my life and this is Bishop Allen and Painting. I love to paint and I love Bishop Allen but I had no idea that they were such a perfect pair. Bishop Allen is fantastic happy band and I have discovered that I am the best painter when I listen to them. They have simply delightful music that inspires me and helps to get my creative juices flowing. So... thank you Bishop Allen for being the inspiration for so many of my creative ventures, I am not sure if I could do some of the things I do without you! So in your honor I have made my first post about you! Thank you for being the soundtrack of my life and reminding me that things are what I make of them, and if its ever gonna get any better its gotta get worse for a day! This record was given to me by my wonderful brother for my birthday he had it signed for me in my absence and I love it. I just impatiently wait for the day when I can finally meet them for myself!