Sunday, June 1, 2008

Raining In Baltimore, 3500 Miles Away

I am back!!! Preston and I despite a 2 hour plane delay in Baltimore got home last night! We had a fabulous trip! We saw a million things, walked a million miles, and had much more fun than what we saw and how much we walked! We named our trip Raining In Baltimore, 3500 miles away! We love the Counting Crows and on their first album they have a beautiful song called Raining In Baltimore and yesterday apon our arrival in Baltimore it RAINED!!! We were very excited and so that is our trips name. There is also an alternative title called The Tenacious and slightly painful adventures of P-Stone and Zelbie! (P-Stone is Preston and I am Zelbie) So pick a title... for this trip we are going to go the melodramatic route and give it both names! Enjoy the pictures I took ALOT but here is a good overview! Let me again add that it was a fabulous trip we had some great food and ALOT of fun!... I better get ready for my next adventure!

Lake Winnipesaukee! I Loved this place... this was on our Sunset Cruise!!

This is the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park! What a beatiful place!

This was right by our hotel in New York. I love the buildings there!!

Taken from Central Park!

Statue of Liberty!

Washington DC at the National Gallery of Art! I LOVED it there and particularly the modern art section but then again it is me... so is anyone surprised?

Washington Monument!

A cool picture of Preston at the Vietnam Memorial!

The White House

This is a good representation of how tired I was after we had trompted around Washington DC for the day and saw everything we possibly could! It was incredible just very tiring... What is a better place to nap I ask you?

Preston and I at the Washington Memorial...

We got the chance to go to a Boston Red Sox Orioles game in Baltimore at Camden Yard! What a beautiful park! It was a great place to watch baseball!

It was an awesome game and this is Preston and I at 12:00 AM during the 13th Inning!

It may be the 13th inning........... but we are still happy!!!