Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrift Tour October 2009

After a two month hiatus I am back and ready to electronically display my creations and activities for the world to see. I will start with the thriftour October 2009.

One of my favorite things to do is to shop. Whenever I am stressed or distraught about one thing or another my first reaction is to grab the nearest sugar saturated goodie. Then, of course, get online or run to the store to buy something that will make me feel pretty for a day or so. However, being the poor college student that I am, I dont really have the funds to supply my ever increasing need for new clothes and other beautiful nicknacks. This is why I love Thrift Stores. It satisfies my craving to shop without demolishing the little supply of cash I have. Phoenix in chock full of fabulous thrift stores. So, due to our adequate and punctual performance in Intermediate Algebra thus far, Allison and I decided to make a trip down to the valley for the sole purpose of Thrift Store Shopping!
Preston was our tour guide and he created this wonderful map for the thrift tour. There were 15 thrift stores on the list. We made it to about 7. It was a full day. We went out thrifting at 9 AM and were done around 4 in the afternoon. We purchased clothes, books, and army garb. Me, Allison, and Preston were the main participants but Darby, John, Mindi, and Shannon made some appearances on different spots on the tour. We also made some stops at Frances, Smeeks, Zoes and Urban Cookies. Thriftour October 2009 was a success to be sure! Thank you to everyone who made it so. Now on to the Used Bookstore Tour!