Sunday, May 31, 2009

Juneau, not to be confused with Juno!

IMG_2615, originally uploaded by considertessa.

There are some trips that I go on that I have alot to say about them. You cannot get me to shut up about them really. This is not one of those trips. It was beyond words. I believe that it is important to explore and understand your own country and ours is so large that it is sometimes difficult to do. I got to explore places I had never been before in my own country on this trip. I went on an Alaskan Cruise with Mom, Dad, Shannon, Zach, and my friend Tasha. I am so full of food that I am pretty sure I could hibernate for several winters, I have played so many card games I dont have any desire to play any games at all which is strange for me, and I have had enough fun to last for a while. It was a fantastic trip. There were chocolate buffets, glaciers, awesome folk art stores, and beautiful weather! Alaska is a beautiful place and I will definitely be exploring it more in the future. The only bad thing about the trip was that it made Arizona seem like a very very depressing place to live and this time of year and it is, but being reminded isnt always fun.

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Happy Trails...

Monday, May 11, 2009

What A Hoot

After much adding of kitchen creations to my creative arsenal as well as my physique I have finally had time to do a bit of painting again. Most of the time I like my paintings better in the pictures but not this one. This one is better in person. You will have to settle for a picture. I have so much to blog about but I am exhausted so it will have to be another time. Enjoy the painting.

Happy Trails...