Sunday, May 30, 2010

LOST Party

It is the end of an era. I have been watching LOST for many years now and it is finally at an end. I am relieved. I do not know if I could have handled it for much longer. I like the show and consider it one of the bravest and most interesting shows ever to hit TV but it caused me so much stress. It is like a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. To celebrate, my siblings and some friends of ours had a party. We had Dharma cupcakes, Samoa Bars, hamburgers, and many other delicious things. We even decorated!

As for my thoughts and feelings on the finale, I hated it at first and now, after many hours of thought, have decided that I liked it but never plan on watching the show again. It was a nice 6 years, but I am done.

Farewell LOST!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It is May again. That means that another full year of school has elapsed and I am officially halfway done with college. It is mad, mad I tell you! I cannot believe how fast time goes. I have come to relate the speed of time to how long white chocolate covered Oreos last in my presence. That is a infinitely short amount of time. You would not even know they were ever there. I have already in May, passed College Algebra, graduated from EAC, moved to Mesa, and partied like a ninja and the month isnt even over yet!

Iron Man 2
I love going to movies in the theater. I find a great deal of happiness in the whole experience. I hold firm in my belief that every person, if you ever plan on seeing the films, should go to Twilight movies the day they come out because of the experience. I have gone on opening days twice but not midnight showings and I fear I missed out. The true entertainment of those films can only be experienced surrounded by hundreds of hormone filled fanatical Mormon women. I hate the books and the movies but I do love to go see them the weekend they come out. I have rarely been so entertained. It was pure magic. Judging by experience, Iron Man 2 was a medium to a large amount of good. The movie wasnt fantastic but it was worth seeing. I stand by the belief that any film RDJ (Robert Downey Jr.) is in is worth seeing. The night involved hippies, a crazy crowd, me yelling at a super annoying girl, and a large amount of food that i snuck in. Wonderful.

Passing College Algebra
Math has always been a struggle for me. I knew the day would come that I would have to take college algebra but I have been putting it off for years due to pure terror. I finally took it this semester and I not only PASSED but I got a B! I had one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. Mr. Orr is my hero. Anyone is a hero of mine that can inspire me to work hard enough in math to get a B. The important thing is, I am done done done done done done done with math FOREVER!!!!

I hate graduation caps and gowns more than I hate Kevin Costner and Miley Cyrus combined. That is alot of hate encompassed against this one graduation outfit. I really want to know who came up with this idiotic hat. It looks horrible on everyone.

Wendy, me, and Stephenie all graduated. I am going to China with Wendy. She is wonderful and NOT taller than me. I look like such a shrimp in that photo but I am not.
There were many highlights of my graduation but I will name a few. 1) They had a West Side Story special number. We were all extremely confused. We just went with it. 2) A kid that I have known for several years turned to me during the ceremony and asked me, "were you cross eyed as a child?" I looked at him strange and then bid farewell to him and my EAC career. EAC was a good place for me but it is time to move on.

Here is a little update. More to come. Happy trails...