Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Passing of Archie

Somewhere in the deep expanses of time and space I feel that a soul mate was created for me. I am afraid, in my case, it was in the form of a car. Archie, the 1990 Oldsmobile was indeed my loyal friend for the years that we had him and that I drove him. He went on my hormone driven high school adventures with me, protected me, and was always there when I needed a place to sleep or a dash to cry on. This car will always be very special to me because he was my first and because we are the same age.

As with all things my ownership of Archie had to come to an end. I got my car Daisy almost a year ago and since then my cousin has driven Archie. He is going on his mission so it was time to sell him. Our good friends the Montierths were interested in buying him so that their highschoolers could drive him when they came of age. It all worked out and Archie is now in their care and ownership. We went to deliver Archie to them the other day and it was a very neat experience. All the Montierth kids were thrilled with the car. They squealed, laughed, and begged for rides. They said things like "this is the coolest car I have ever seen in the world." I am glad that Archie is going to be loved and used. He is a great car and I am going to miss him. I am glad he is in capable hands. Goodbye Archie.
Nathan, the oldest Montierth, standing by Archie.

Three of the kids sitting in the back testing the comfort level. It got very high marks.

The littlest Montierth Zach "dwiving cwazy".

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Satan lets me keep my morals?

I have been taught many things in my life about Satan but this certainly isnt one of them. On my weekly drive to the Montierths I encountered this sign and had to share. I really feel like I am missing something. All I want to know is if you think this was on purpose or a tricky prank by a bemused teenager. Hmmmm...