Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Week

This last week has been crazy. It was Halloween week, of course, so everyday at school was a different dress up day for the kids and teachers. We had fun dressing up and the kids were even more adorable than usual. 

Monday- Pajama Day
Tuesday- Crazy Day
Wednesday- Backwards Day
Thursday- Black and Orange Day
Friday- Costume Day

I was in charge of arts and crafts this week for my lessons so I made Halloween crafts with them all week. Some lessons worked better than others but I made these headbands with the kids and I think they are so adorable. On Wednesday one of the ILP directors, Casey, came for a visit. He watched our teaching and saw how things went down at the school and at our apartment. His visit went very well and he reaffirmed to us that we are at the best school, have the best coordinators and live in the best apartments in all of the ILP programs in all of China. We are truly blessed because all of those things really are true. Casey talked about sports and politics with us and it was really nice to have someone else to talk to that can understand you completely and that knows what is going on. He even took us out to dinner and bought us ice cream. That is really all it takes to win us over. 

I am so glad this week is almost at an end. It has been crazy and tiring. Thank goodness tomorrow is November! Happy Halloween! 


Kenningtons said...

So cute!! I love that they celebrated Halloween. When we were in Singapore all the Asians got into Halloween BIG TIME! It was crazy to me but so funny seeing the cute little Asian kids dressed up. Looks like you are having such a great time.

Kamala Crockett said...

That's crazy they wanted to celebrate Halloween! When I was there they thought we were absolutely crazy when we dressed up and had a Halloween carnival with them. They didn't get it at ALL! I remember Casey coming...that was stressful as the headteacher making sure everything was running smooth when he came. He's a nice guy though and def knows his ILP stuff. Yes, after reading all your posts your school is def a huge step up from where I was! Lucky girl! Have fun and try to live it up the last 6 or so weeks cause believe me you'll miss it like crazy when you come home.