Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nick, Norah, and the Eye of an Eagle!

I realized today that I see a ridiculous amount of movies... If I dont see it in theatres then I watch it at home... So now and again if I feel like reviewing a few I think I shall. Last week I saw Eagle Eye and I was pleasantly surprised!

The last few months I have felt cinematically deprived! I did not go to the theatre for about 2 months which is unheard of for me. I was itching to go to the cinema when Eagle Eye came out last week. I had only seen 1 trailer for the film and didn't know what I was getting myself into, but it was definitely a good surprise! I thought it was a good action suspense movie with a good plot. They developed the characters very well the acting could have been alot worse. It was not a ground breaking Oscar worthy film, but it was good. I would suggest going... It is alot like I Robot but better in my opinion.

Friday I went and saw Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist... Let me start with the things I did like about it. First of all Bishop Allen was in it which is always a positive thing if
Bishop Allen is in anything. They played a gig in the movie at this little place in NY where they are from. It was fun to see them on the big screen :) There were also Bishop Allen posters plastered everywhere throughout the whole movie... that made me happy... Infact the film would have been excellent if they would have just showed Bishop Allen the entire time (the picture has nothing to do with the movie by the way, except that it is Bishop Allen...) The soundtrack was awesome! I would buy the soundtrack but I have every song on the it except for a few newbies. I knew almost every artist in the movie including some songs in the movie that arent on the soundtrack like a National song they snuck in there. I also really like the new Vampire Weekend and Rogue Wave song featured in it. As far as the movie goes, there were some entertaining bits... I laughed alot (partially because of the comments from group of guys behind us who loved it more than snow on Christmas... I seriously thought that they were going to cry at the end) I also loved the sight of NY at night, but on the whole it was not very good. The main characters were very like able enough and I adore Michael Cera. (I love arrested development and JUNO... I also love juno) I thought there were alot of odd parts that could have been left out and honestly if you wanted to see it I would say stay at home buy the soundtrack and look at pictures of new york and pretend you are on a rigid search to find a band called Where's Fluffy? and you can call it good... you experienced the highlights of the movie. I will probably never watch it again, but I will listen to the music for years to come.

Theres my movie advice for now... feel free to disagree with and ignore everything I have said, I would if it was me!


allison said...

Ditto, it made me laugh, but it should be left as it is. The audience really did make this movie the didn't they?

Wyoming Mom said...

Amen, sister! We went and saw it too...LOVE the music. Not so much the movie itself.